April, thinking through a new vase design

Like a change in the season, I started wanting to make tall, straight shapes rather than curved bowls and cups. There's only so much that can be planned or aimed for, other changes just turn up: and it always takes some time to understand how a new kind of form will work. It is only when I actually put some flowers in this new shape that I realised why it works, that a vase needs to have simple form and decoration, otherwise there's a risk that the flowers and leaves are overpowered. I'd love to know what you think about this. 

New Year's Day 2018, starting to make the estuary ceramics online shop

New Year's Day, lentil soup, and pea soup. In Italy, eating lentils at New Year is a good luck charm, for prosperity in the year ahead, and I choose this day to start work on this website, which is about enjoying the days with food as much as showing my pottery. As with anything, this site is a work in progress... please let me know your thoughts about this site and the work it shows... I look forward to being in contact with you. All good wishes, Lisa Gormley, potter at estuary ceramics.

new year 2018 EC.JPG
Lisa Gormley