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the process of making

I make my bowls and cups in the Kiln Rooms, a shared workshop in Peckham Rye, south London. Each bowl or cup is hand made from start to finish.

First, I throw the main shape on a Japanese-designed Shimpo pottery wheel, which is very satisfying to use as it has an absolutely silent motor... After about a day, the clay is firm enough to turn over and trim the outer shape of the piece, including the foot-ring, which is done on the wheel. At this stage I attach handles to the cups.

Each piece is fired twice. The first firing is when the clay is completely dry - this is known as biscuit firing. Then I apply the glaze - this is (very roughly) a mixture of metal oxides with the ingredients for glass. When I apply the glaze, it is a suspension of the various ingredients in a liquid about the consistency of single cream - I submerge each piece in the glaze, then it goes into its second, final firing.

Because each bowl and cup is handmade, each piece is different. and has an organic, not a precise, shape. Each piece is described individually in the shop section, where I highlight specific aspects of each, which some might see as flaws, others might see as a quirk, a rarity, or a stroke of luck.